Air Plant Terrarium Ideas

Air Plant Terrarium Ideas will provide how to create this special indoor garden, never doubt your abilities in anything new just because you lack the knowledge.

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Air plants require zero soil which makes them unique fun indoor garden terrariums, you will also find they are inexpensive which makes them a project for every budget. Don’t allow your fears to stop you from creating this special easy do-it-yourself home decor addition to your apartment or your home.

air plant terrarium ideas

What Do We Need?

The first step in anything we do is knowing what we need to get started, so that is where we are going to begin educating you on how to create this special indoor garden. You will find many awesome resources as you read this self-help guide, so jotting them down for later reference is a good strategy.

  • Preserved Reindeer Moss
  • Decorative Sand
  • Small Rocks
  • Seashells
  • Bark
  • Marbles
  • Aquarium Gravel
  • Air Plants
  • No Potting Soil Required

You can find all types of cool decorative supplies on Amazon and other online store websites, so allow your imagination to go wild with ideas. Choosing a theme is always a good way to get started, but the important part of this indoor garden just allows you to have fun.

air plant terrarium ideas

Terrarium Air Plant Guide

There are no rules when designing your terrarium, you have full control without any restrictions. By any chance you are shopping for health-related self-help guides, I invite you to visit Gizmos Self-Help Guides focusing on problem-solving a variety of health problems. Now to ease your anxiety, we are going to look at the better plants for beginners, easy to grow and care for.

  • Tillandsia Brachycaulous
  • Tillandsia Xerographica
  • Tillandsia Tectorum
  • Tillandsia Stricta
  • Tillandsia Lonantha
  • Tillandsia Funkiana
  • Tillandsia Bulbosa
  • Tillandsia Aeranthos
  • Tillandsia Caput-Medusae
  • Shop for Tillandsia Air Plants at Amazon

I am really big on the Tillandsia air plants for beginners, you can even sit them on a shelf instead of in a terrarium for an awesome home decor addition. I have two on one of my shelves that I just spray with a few squirts of water from a spray bottle a few times per week, you could also go with a plant mister which I am considering purchasing myself.

air plant terrarium ideas

Air Plant Terrarium Guide

Let us learn step-by-step how to make your dream terrarium, and for this information, we went to the website WikiHow. This is one of my best resources along with YouTube, Gizmo highly recommends both of these when you are searching on how to do something brand new.

  1. Shop and select your favorite Tillandsia air plants.
  2. Choose an open glass container such as a fishbowl for example.
  3. Never add these plants to a closed terrarium.
  4. Add your bases such as aquarium gravel, or pebbles, even regular sand for sandboxes works well.
  5. Time to get creative with decorating with seashells or fairy garden decorations

What You Will Learn

  1. How to Design your Terrarium
  2. How to Construct your Terrarium
  3. Best Place in your Apartment or Home for a Terrarium
  4. Air Plant Care
  5. Ready to Learn Click Here

Instead of taking up your time providing you with the step-by-step instructions, I decided to save time you can use the link above if this really is interesting to you. Why go through the entire process if you are not really wanting this information, Wiki How explains it in a very easy and understandable article.

air plant terrarium ideas

Air Plant Videos

As I mentioned earlier YouTube is one of my favorites for educating myself, so for those of you who learn the best visually here are some videos that might help you. If this guide has motivated you, feel free to share it with your family and friends. That is the best way that you can be a great asset to Gizmo, and at the same time provide valuable information to those people who are special to you.

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  • Air Plant Terrariums and Tillandsia Care
  • Air Plant and Fern Terrarium
  • How to Make Tillandsia Containers and Terrariums
  • Air Plant for Beginners Plus Tips
  • 51 Most Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas
  • How to Make a Simple Air Plant Terrarium
  • How to Build a Cave Waterfall
  • 10 Common Terrarium Mistakes
  • A Beginners Guide to Houseplant Shopping
  • Watch Videos on YouTube

Of course, you more likely know this is just a very small example of videos, I am just giving you an idea of what you can expect if you visit YouTube. There is no better website for free videos that are worth watching and learning from, so that is the reason I am always sharing some with you from time to time.

air plant terrarium ideas

More About Air Plants

Being this was brand new to me not long ago, I am sure that you have questions that you would love answers to. That is what we are going to be discussing next, and these just might clear up anything that you are thinking about. Maybe you don’t have the time to come on my website regularly, what you can do is sign up for my auto-notifications. This is absolutely free with no pushing merchandise at you, so think this over, and if this would benefit you feel free to sign up before you go on your way.

Air Plant Light Requirements

These do require a good source of light to grow their best for you, and a grow light works great if this is something you wish to invest in. Artificial light is working just fine for mine on my shelf, so a grow light is not a must-have to enjoy growing these special plants. Four to six hours of light is required, be sure not to place them in a low-light place in your home.

What Does Yellow Air Plants Saying to You?

With every houseplant yellow is a red flag you must watch out for, you are either watering them too much or they are receiving way too much light. Try watering them with a spray bottle twice per week, and the best place in your home is with indirect light, not direct sunlight.

Healthy Air Plant Signs

Being these are new to most of us, we need to understand the signs of a healthy plant, if your plant is blooming and displays fuzz you have nothing to worry about. Discolored and yellow leaves are what to watch out for, and over-watering like most houseplants is what kills air plants as well.

air plant terrarium ideas

Healthy Air Plant Guide

The key is to know what to look for, and when we catch them early most of the time we can save our plants. Since this is new to many of us, I have included a basic care guide to assist you in successfully growing your first air plant or plants. Writing this down is recommended or saving this article on your browser favorites is even better, now let us learn what we need to know.

  • Brown leaves indicate not enough water, this is your plant saying to you that they are dehydrated.
  • Discolored leaves especially yellow is the sign of overwatering, so in this case, cut back on the amount of water or the frequency.
  • If you are positive over watering is not the problem, you will know for sure that the proper light is not being provided to your plant. Moving your plant farther from your light source usually solves this problem, so water and light are what you want to focus on for healthy houseplants.
  • Curling leaves also tell us our plant is lacking enough water, and another red flag is u-shaped instead of straight stems which tells us we need more light.
  • Root rot most often occurs when gardeners place this plant in a closed terrarium, this is something you should never do since they require adequate airflow.
  • Even though I just mist my own air plants, many gardeners submerge them completely and then allow them to dry out once per week. Try either or both methods until you find what works the best for you, I am a mister since in the past over watering has lost me many of my favorite houseplants.
  • Mealy bugs and scale insects are your main pests to be aware of, keep an eye on the stem of your plant since that is where they prefer to hang out. Diatomaceous Earth is recommended by many experts for these insects, lucky for me I have never experienced any problems with either of these.
  • Yellow, orange, or white leaves indicates sunburned leaves, moving your plant farther from the light source is the answer to this problem. Houseplants do the best with indirect light, so remembering this can prevent sunburned plants.
  • Fuzz is a very important part of your plant staying healthy, if you notice the lack or none that is an unhealthy sign for this particular houseplant.
  • Wilted leaves are caused by overheated plants, with these plant types this is most often from too much direct sun. Again focus on indirect light instead of direct sunlight, and this will not normally be a problem.
  • Blooming plants is a sign of a healthy and happy plant, now you know by this that you have perfected the best plant care routine.

We are now educated on what to watch out for, and this is the key to growing healthy houseplants. Even though this guide is focusing on air plants, you will find that it works for the majority of your plants in your apartment or home.

air plant terrarium ideas

Gizmos Resources

Tons of information is included in this Air Plant Terrarium Ideas guide, you might be thinking this is not what you expected from a shopping website. Information and resources that will solve your problems are what all my websites are about, you can get easy access to all of my self-help guides from all my sites by Clicking Here.

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