Apartment Home Decor Ideas

Ready to get inspired with some Apartment Home Decor Ideas, you might be just moving into a new place or interested in a new-look? No matter which is your situation, you may find some solutions to spruce up your apartment.

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apartment home decor ideas

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Gizmos Deals really puts helping you with solutions a priority, you will experience more information and resources than merchandise. I try not to promote any specific brands of products, but instead provide you with the lowest priced ones that I can find. Let us get started with the kitchen, many people find the small kitchens a challenge to decorate.

  • Adding carpets and rugs now is very popular, so before you go shopping you need to decide what theme you are going to focus on.
  • One method to create a friendly atmosphere is to go with rustic home decor merchandise, wood is one of my favorites to accomplish this goal.
  • Colorful cabinet colors really can improve the appearance, you must get permission from your landlord since this might not be a possibility in some apartment buildings.
  • Beautiful plants is always a great addition to any room, there are better ones to choose from, so you really need to research this before going plant shopping.
  • Artwork such as cute inspirational signs specially made for the Kitchen are very popular, and these are extremely budget-friendly to purchase.
  • The color of your walls is more important than many people realize, by choosing the right color you can actually give the appearance your room is larger than it actually is. Light greens and blues are highly recommended, so these are just two to consider.

The kitchen is often the most challenging for new apartment dwellers, so that is why I started with this room. Keep reading to learn more Home Decor ideas for your other rooms, we are going to provide you inspiration for a complete new-look for your guests when they visit you.

Bedroom Decorating Guide

Next on my agenda is solutions for your bedroom, how many of you experience the feeling this room just feels too small? Most people find a full-size bed seems to take up all their space, how can we decorate to improve this? Now on to my tips and tricks for your bedroom, these are just some ideas you can think about.

  • Are you a single person, and if so consider a single bed instead of a larger one. Many singles want that big bed for romance, but how often are you sleeping with another person is something to think about?
  • Another bed trick is to raise it higher off the floor, this gives your floor the appearance of having more space than it actually does.
  • How many of you have decorative mirrors in this room, by adding these you can give the impression of a much larger bedroom.
  • Small nightstands and a lamp along the side of a bed is recommended in smaller rooms, you might also want to think about a hanging lamp instead.
  • Minimizing your amount of furniture provides a larger less cluttered bedroom, I really need to do this myself. With my computer desk and my writing desk in this room, it does feel like quite crowded.
  • Privacy is the reason for my computer and writing desks in my sleeping room, so you might need to consider this as well since my main room is noisy from the hallway traffic.
  • Lighter colors are better choices here, that is one reason many apartments are painted white or beige.
  • When shopping browse the apartment furniture section, here you will find better sized choices specially for smaller rooms.
  • For a more personal appearance, add photographs in nicer frames. Family portraits are very good choices, and even your precious pets makes this feel much cozier.

Again adding plants is always a good choice in every room that you possibly can, you can find which ones grow the best in each room of your home by focusing on the light conditions. These are just some things to get you started, I could write you a book on this with so many options available.

apartment home decor ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Before I spring living room ideas for apartments, you are invited to View My Boards on Pinterest for inspiration. Often this website is one of your best resources to be inspired, I have a nice variety of self-help boards for people just like you. Now we are ready to learn more about our next project, providing you solutions is my main priority of this website.

  • Studio apartment or one with a bedroom, you really want to remember to stay focused on a theme and color.
  • The majority of living rooms are long and narrow, small sized furniture are your best choices.
  • Setting your couch against a wall will give you more area in the middle of your room.
  • Adding a small kitchen table between your kitchen and living room is what I had to do, and this has worked extremely well for me.
  • Using taller furniture that is narrower are your best choices, this takes less floor space yet provides you what you want and need to be comfortable.
  • Once again decorative mirrors on your walls are recommended, I also like hanging plants from my ceilings to be able to grow more.
  • If you go with carpets and rugs here, consider geometric designs, these give the appearance of even more length and width.
  • Book shelves and plant stands against walls or in corners work great for me, so let me know if these help you as well.

Twitter Tweets on my feed can be very inspirational as well, I learn so much from my followers by what they post on this social media platform. Feel free to Check Out my Twitter page, you might find these provide you the inspiration that you need. This also is a great place to find resources, so when you have the time visit Twitter from time to time.

Bathroom Decorating Guide

The last room in your apartment left is the bathroom, we all know most of these are extremely small. How can we improve the appearance is what we are going to focus on now, so if this is something you are interested in, you don’t want to miss reading this section.

  • Adding plants in this space is one of my favorite decoration tips, you just need to choose low-light plants that love moisture.
  • No windows like many apartments, why not go with decorative artificial plants instead.
  • I have even added fresh flower bouquets in my own bathroom.
  • Take advantage of your wall space with wall art works amazingly to brighten up the room.
  • Wall lamps are another option to add more light using your wall space
  • Scented candles really improve my own bathroom.
  • Small decorative wall mirrors are very appealing without taking up much room at all.
  • Choosing attractive shower curtains works wonders, I am using a beach theme shower curtain with beach themed bathroom accessories.

We have covered every room in your apartment with inspirational ideas, please don’t leave quite yet if you happen to have a balcony. That is what is coming up next, even if you don’t have one, maybe you will be interested in reading this paragraph anyway.

apartment home decor ideas

Balcony Decorating Ideas

Anyone with a balcony is very lucky, you have your own special outdoor space to enjoy the outdoors in private. How can you decorate this to be more comfortable and enjoyable, that is what we are going to discuss in this next section. The suggestions in this article are budget-friendly, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to redecorate your apartment.

  • Once the weather is warm in Pennsylvania, I enjoy spending my morning on my balcony. One thing that is a must for me is having a small table and chair, this really makes sitting out there in the morning with my herbal tea more enjoyable.
  • I really love the garden benches, what I found that works the best is to go with built-in benches instead. They stay in place without any problems, so this is something to think about if it is right for you.
  • Even on my balcony you will find beautiful plants, I am using a vertical planter for all my herbs. This takes less space from my walking area, and the scent from the herbs are just amazing.
  • Just the other day browsing a home decor website, I noticed they are now using floor pillows in this outdoor sitting area. Something I would have never thought about myself, and you might want some indoor-outdoor carpeting for the floor as well.
  • Being I am in need of adding more furniture, I am thinking about checking out the foldable type. This way when I don’t need it, I can fold it up to take less space.

As a bonus, I am including the best houseplants for apartments. Since I mentioned using them in every room including your balcony, this really is something I feel you would love to know. Adding plants really does improve your mood and health, since starting growing these indoors I have notice my mood is much brighter.

Apartment Houseplant Guide

Knowing the best plants to purchase is just as important as any of the other information I provided, if you choose the wrong type you will become discouraged. By adding the ones that will grow the best, you are going to experience many benefits. Now let us learn which houseplants are the best for your apartment, and this will conclude my article on Apartment Home Decor Ideas.

  • Philodendrons
  • Pothos
  • Spider Plants
  • Snake Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Iron Plant
  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Bamboo
  • Palm Trees
  • Ferns
  • Bonsai Trees
  • Fiscus Tree
  • Peace Lily

Many of the plants on the list above are thriving amazingly in my own apartment, as a beginner, I would recommend you go with the Philodendrons, Pothos, Cactus, Succulents, or the Spider Plant. These are extremely low-maintenance choices, if you have a balcony your choices are even more, since you can grow sun loving houseplants in front of your balcony window like I do.

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