Best Blight Resistant Tomatoes

Are you interested in the Best Bight Resistant Tomatoes, where I live in Pennsylvania this has been a problem for home gardeners for years? Find out which plants are your safest choices for your garden to prevent this, and you will find more helpful tips included in this self-help guide.

While blight-resistant tomato varieties are not immune to early blight or late blight, they have a stronger resilience than other types of tomatoes. By growing blight-resistant tomatoes, you have a better chance of cultivating a healthy crop.

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Mountain Magic F1 (Medium)- The most blight-resistant tomato we’ve ever seen and the only variety to come through our blight trial unscathed. It’s resistant to early and late blight as well as cracking, verticillium, and fusarium wilt.

best blight resistant tomatoes
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Early Blight Resistant Tomatoes

Just in case you didn’t read the two italicized tips, even blight-resistance tomato plants could be affected by the blight, but in most cases, gardeners have a better chance of harvesting some healthy fruit by choosing them. The following varieties are good choices for early blight, so read on to learn just what these are.

  • Juliet
  • Legend
  • Manalucie
  • Manyel
  • Mountain Fresh Plus
  • Mountain Supreme
  • Old Brooks
  • Tommy Toe

These are not the only ones you have to choose from, but these are the best varieties recommended with the most success for gardeners. Did you know there is early and late blight, so next we are going to learn the best late blight varieties to grow? For the Best Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties, you might want to read my self-help guide I published just last week.

Late Blight Resistant Tomatoes

In the state of Pennsylvania where I live, the late blight most often was the one that affected gardeners. Just thought I would include this information for anyone living in my state, so let us see which ones should be considered for this type of tomato blight.

  • Fantasio
  • Ferline
  • Golden Sweet
  • Legend
  • Old Brooks

If it was me, I would choose tomato plants that are included on both lists. Legend and Old Brooks you will notice are recommended the best for both early and late blight disease. Even by planting these two varieties, you still must be prepared you could lose some tomatoes.

best blight resistant tomatoes
Gizmos Self-Help Guides

Natural Blight Treatment Guide published this blog post that includes natural ways to fight tomato blight, so even by planting the best varieties above, I would as a gardener read this free guide. By the way, this is another awesome resource you should add to your favorites list.

  • Water without getting the leaves wet, so you want to carefully water your plants at their base to be safe.
  • Morning watering is your key to when to water your precious tomato plants, this gives them time to dry out during the day with less chance of being infected with a number of diseases.
  • Instead of using cages, this post suggests staking is a safer option.
  • Also spacing them the proper distance apart allows airflow to each plant, so maybe think about spacing them just a little farther apart for an extra precaution if you have the room.
  • Checking them daily for any signs is your best strategy, as soon as you see leaves with spots or discoloring remove them as soon as possible.
  • Removal of any infected plants is your best way to save your other ones, so as difficult as this might be it is something we must do anyway. Planting more than you think you need or want might be another good option, that is just my own suggestion and not from the blog post.
  • Fungicides are an option if this is a product you feel at ease using, but if you go with this, you need to be sure it is made especially for vegetable plants. Otherwise, you could be causing more problems and even kill your plants.
  • If you are like me and prefer organic gardening, there is a natural solution available. Add a heaping tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of vegetable oil, and a small amount of mild soap to a gallon of water and spray the tomato plants with this solution. This needs to be reapplied regularly to maintain its efficiency.
  • Cleaning your garden at the end of the growing season is very important for next year, this is a natural preventative plan for all types of diseases including tomato blight.

Browse this Gardening Resource and add it to your favorites is recommended, and by doing this from all my self-help garden guides, you can eventually have the best sources to refer to at any time. Now, are you not happy you decided to read this, you really are learning how to grow better tomatoes and prevent disease at the same time?

Tomato Growing Guide

Since we have covered disease prevention and your best varieties, we are now going to focus on growing our tomatoes for your best harvests ever. This is one guide every gardener will want to read, no matter how long you have been growing vegetables, you possibly could learn something new.

  • Your garden spot is our first concern for better harvests, many people don’t realize tomatoes actually require full sun at least 6 hours per day to produce the best.
  • Everyone does not have the luxury of the perfect garden spot, so if this is the case choose the sunniest afternoon spot on your property. The sun at this time of the day is more intense, so this will help make up for not receiving as much sun per day as they actually need.
  • Compost really will give your tomatoes a nutrient boost, no matter what you do, this is the best thing you can do for your soil and your plants.
  • I got into the habit of adding compost when planting them, this was taught to me as a boy by my grandparents.
  • They also always added compost after planting, this will slowly be adding steady nutrients much like a slow-releasing fertilizer.
  • Calcium is your solution for blossom end rot, as my grandparents always did add eggshells to the soil will naturally add calcium into the soil. The finer they are the better, we always added 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup of eggshells into each of the planting holes.
  • The alternative to this method is to add lime to your soil, before you start adding lime you need to know your soil PH level. Too much calcium is just as bad as not enough, so adding eggshells is a safer method without the need to test your soil.
  • What else the old-timers did was added approximately 1/4 of a cup of Epsom Salt into the planting hole, another option some gardeners used was to add 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt to 1 gallon of water and water your plants instead.
  • The majority of new gardeners don’t plant their plants nearly deep enough, we always removed the lowest leaves and planted up to the next set of leaves.
  • Overwatering tomato plants often invites disease, and like many other plants, we tend to water them more than we really need to. I water mine only two times per week, but when I do water them it is a very generous amount. The experts recommend 2 inches of water twice a week, so this is really one of the most important tips many gardeners really need to consider.
  • As in the guide above water the plant, not its leaves. After moving to an apartment to grow houseplants I realized that I was killing my plants by overwatering them, how I solved my problem was by investing in an inexpensive moisture plant meter.

So did you learn anything new from my tomato growing guide, if you would like to share just leave a comment in my comment section at the end of this self-help guide?

best blight resistant tomatoes
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Tomato Leave Color Guide

Knowing what the color of your tomato plant’s leaves is telling you is awesome knowledge, you can then get a jump on the problem that your plant is trying to tell you that it needs. This really is important for gardeners to read, so please don’t even think about skipping this paragraph.

  • Purple leaves indicate your plant is starving for phosphorus, what to do is add some high nutrient organic compost. Fish waste and wood ashes are other options, now you know why the native Americans added fish in the planting hole of their corn.
  • Green leaves with very few blossoms are a sign your nitrogen levels are way too high, you will experience awesome plant growth without many blossoms if any at all.
  • Yellow leaves scare the crap out of gardeners, we all know this is not a good sign. Apply nitrogen at planting time will solve this problem, so if this is something you experience regularly this will be your answer.

Understanding what your plant is trying to tell you will give them what they crave, if you catch them early or prevent these at planting time, you can still experience a nice harvest. My freebie today is in my self-help gardening guide Free Garden Planning Tool, this can help you more than you can imagine planning your garden this year.

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