Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Hello Gardeners, The Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato Varieties is here for you. Every vegetable gardener loves their tomatoes, so which varieties taste the best is what I have for you in this article. If you love planting a garden as much as I do, you are going to love learning with me.

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best tasting heirloom tomato varieties

Best Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Gardening is one of my many passions, and I am sure it is one of yours as well. Growing tomato plants is found in almost every vegetable garden, with this being such a popular choice that is the reason I choose this topic. We are going to learn which are the best varieties for you to grow, and then more information that you might not have known before visiting my website.

  • Ace 55-VF
  • Amish Paste
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Black Cherry
  • Black Krim
  • Black Russian
  • Bonny Best
  • Brandy Wine
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Chocolate Stripes
  • Constoluto Genovese
  • German Johnson
  • Great White
  • Hillbilly
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast
  • Mr, Stripey
  • Oxheart Pink
  • Thessaloniki
  • Tumbling Tom Red
  • VR Moscow
  • Yellow Pear
  • Hawaiian Pineapple

How many of you are surprised by the choices available, so already Gizmos Deals possibly has provided you varieties you never knew existed before? Out of all of those on the list above, which ones taste the best is what we are going to find out next.

best tasting heirloom tomato varieties

Best Heirloom Tomatoes To Grow

With so many to choose from gardeners can become overwhelmed, that is the purpose of this website to help you solve problems such as these. I have done the research for you, so now all you have to do is decide which ones you wish to grow in your garden.

  • Black Krim
  • Brandy Wine
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Hillbilly
  • Kelloggs Breakfast

Visit my Pinterest Boards for all my self-help resources, you also can find an abundance of tips by using this website. Back to our topic, we have narrowed down your best varieties to consider, I can almost put money on it you would love me to provide you more about the best-tasting tomatoes on the list above. Guess what, that is what is coming up right now.

Black Krim

Black Krim will not disappoint you, they are very appealing in appearance and extremely tasty. Expect good harvests from this tomato, the hotter your summer the darker this variety will become. Are you ready to read the highlights of this one, this is a rewarding winner in taste tests.

  • Low maintenance
  • Vigorous grower
  • Abundant producer
  • Grows up to 6 feet in height
  • Good container tomato with adequate support
  • Acidic tomato
  • Medium-size tomato similar to a beefsteak
  • Dark maroon color
  • Very flavorful
  • Average plant products approximately 30 nice sized tomatoes

Does the Black Krim impress you enough to give them a try, you can think about this while we learn about the other varieties? You can Order Plants at Walmart instead of growing them from seed, so for those of you who prefer purchasing them in plants, this is one place to shop.

best tasting heirloom tomato varieties

Brandy Wine

Wikipedia describes this one with large potato-leave foliage and large pink beefsteak fruit. If you think this might be one you are interested in, I have provided more information below.

  • It Maybe challenging for gardeners to grow
  • Extremely provides you with high nutrient benefits
  • Fat-free
  • High in vitamin A & D
  • Old fashion tomato taste
  • Low sugar
  • Low acid
  • Grows up to 8 feet in height
  • Supporting is a must
  • 80-100 days to produce fruit
  • The maximum amount of production is approximately 10 to 20 per plant
  • Regular watering is a have to avoid cracking and splitting
  • Loves hot summers
  • Fruit can grow as large as 2 pounds
  • Slightly sweet, spicy flavor

Lowes is the best place I have found Brandy Wine Plants, if you are open to seeds there are many options such as Amazon. You need to start seeds early usually the middle of February to the beginning of March, any later and they will not be ready for transplanting for most areas at planting time.

Cherokee Purple

Red with green shoulders in color, you can expect this one to take up to 80 days to mature. Another good choice for a high nutrient tomato, so for anyone shopping for a healthy one, this is another good choice. These grown from seed need approximately two months before your first frost, they are slow to get started compared to other tomato plants.

  • High in vitamin C
  • Antioxidant benefits
  • Contains vitamin K
  • Full sun well-draining soil is a must
  • Adding compost really is recommended
  • Plant 18-36 inches apart
  • Requires good support system
  • Cracking and splitting is common
  • Produces approximately 20 fruit per season
  • Grows approximately 4 to 6 feet in height
  • Approximately 18 inches wide
  • Extremely sweet flavor

The best deal I found for you for Cherokee Purple plants is at Burgess, if you decide this is one you want this is a good place to begin your search. Rarely will you find these in plants at discount stores such as Amazon and Walmart, but you might get lucky if you wish to do the research.

best tasting heirloom tomato varieties


Hillbilly is considered a beefsteak, so if you are shopping for a large tomato this one weighs in around 1 to 2 pounds. My mother always loved those big beefsteak for her tomato sandwiches with cheese and mayo, this would be one she would love to grow in her own garden.

  • Perfect size for sandwiches and hamburger buns
  • Plant in full sun for the best results
  • A very tasty choice for summer picnics
  • Golden-orange red flesh
  • Low in acid
  • Smooth glossy skin
  • Bright yellow in color
  • High in vitamin A & D
  • High in potassium
  • Moderate vitamin C

Another beefsteak lover tomato choice, one of the most popular for large tomato slabs on sandwiches. Picnic lovers rave over this variety, These are also known as Rainbow tomatoes, Gurneys is the only company Google could find me that sells the plants. Seeds are available almost everywhere, I do apologize this was all I could find you.

Kellogg’s Breakfast

Do you think this is a very odd name for a tomato, I really do think this myself? According to Google, this got its name from its bright orange color, so if you don’t get this you are not alone. Are you wondering if we can find plants of this type, I am thinking about that myself?

  • Sweet tangy flavor
  • Juicy with very few seeds
  • Grow up to one pound
  • Supporting is required
  • Growing approximately 6 feet in height
  • Solid firm flesh
  • Carrot orange in color
  • Perfect for slicing
  • Often used also for stews and sauces
  • Mr. Kellogg discovered this variety and saved the seeds
  • Grown from seeds
  • Be careful not to overwater this tomato

Gardens Alive does sell plants in this variety, so this really is a rare find. That really makes me happy I was able to find this source, many gardeners prefer ordering these instead of starting them from seed, we just all don’t have room for a greenhouse.

best tasting heirloom tomato varieties

Heirloom Tomato Shopping Tips

Many of us just go to one of our local stores to purchase our garden plants, so what should be taken into consideration when shopping specifically for heirloom tomato plants? This is what tips you will find in this paragraph, so even if you are an experienced gardener, you might learn something new by reading this.

  • Spring tomato shopping for plants can be overwhelming, now the best size recommended are those in 4-inch pots. These provide enough room for the roots to grow and transplant the best.
  • Pick those with thick stems that will give you the best results, and avoid tall thin stemmed plants. These often don’t transplant as well, so you might not get as many tomatoes before your growing season ends.
  • Ease them outdoors before planting them in the ground, you will find this is most needed when you grow them from seeds indoors. Also, if you order them from a nursery online or through the mail, so to be safe slowly adjust them to the outdoors before placing them in the ground.
  • If you notice any white nodes, what you want to do is plant those nodes in the ground. This will turn into more roots and produce more tomatoes.
  • As long as your tomato plant has a nice green stem and top, you are in good shape. Be sure to plant so the bottom leaves are touching the ground, and then prune those off.
  • Pests will be hiding underneath the leaves, I always check for that before purchasing my plants. Why bring home pests with your tomato plants, many times this can cause you problems right from the start.
  • They should be a healthy green color, some discolored lower leaves are not a problem, and they will still provide you with a good harvest.

Following this basic guide can help you choose healthier tomato plants, you want to start out with healthy plants to receive the best harvest for your money. Please Support my Followers, they really are important to the success of this website. You and my followers are extremely important to me, and one day this is going to be one of the better self-help resources online.

best tasting heirloom tomato varieties

Gardening Resources

Gardening is more than just a hobby for many of us, we are extremely passionate about being the best we can. Gardening resources can do just that, so here are some useful ones I use myself. Some of these will interest you and some might not, but I really want to provide them because they are good places to get the information you might need.

  • Gardening Maps
  • Plant Societies
  • Native Plant Societies
  • Garden Clubs
  • Professional Organizations
  • Gardening Podcasts
  • Garden Directories
  • Youth Gardening
  • Potted Edibles
  • Deer-Resistant Container Gardens
  • The Master Gardener Program
  • Garden Region Events
  • Soil Health
  • Water Efficiency
  • Plant Selection
  • Materials & Tools

AHS Gardening provides many good resources, you can access so much valuable knowledge from this one website. This concludes my self-help tomato gardening article, please feel free to share this with your gardening friends and family. You can be a huge part of Gizmos Deals being a success, I do appreciate and thank you with all my heart for reading The Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato Varieties.

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