Free Kitchen Planning Tools

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you might just find these Free Kitchen Planning Tools useful. We love to provide you freebies as much as possible here on Gizmos Deals, what are better deals than costing you nothing at all.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. This website does receive a very small commission from some of your purchases, but the best bargains always come first when you read my articles.

free kitchen planning tools

Homestyler The Most Popular Tool

Homestyler is the most popular kitchen planning tool, but not only because it is free to use. This is extremely easy and simple to create 3D designs, and the main reason is people with no experience can use this without becoming stressed out. Some of these types of resources can be overwhelming for beginners, so if you are looking beginner-friendly this would be my recommendation to you.

  • Free online 3D home design software
  • Kitchen design is extremely easy & fun
  • Fun to use drag & drop system
  • The special kitchen design module especially popular
  • Design any room of your home with ease
  • Install kitchen cabinets, countertops, & appliances
  • Furniture from your favorite merchants such as Ikea, Target, and more

If you are brand new to using online home design software, you might want to give the Most Popular Tool a try? Why stress yourself out learning a complicated one, when there is an easy and simple one available for you? I truly believe in keeping everything as simple as possible in my own life, so I make it a point to do the same for my readers.

Dream Kitchen Design Course

Udemy does provide an affordable online course, you will learn how to design your dream kitchen by enrolling. Maybe this is an easier choice for many of you who lack tech skills, so this is just another option you can consider. What will you learn from enrolling might be on your mind, and that is what is coming next.

    • Be able to select the right finishes for your dream kitchen
    • Learn the best areas to spend your money in a kitchen remodel
    • Understand when it’s a good idea to bring in a designer or design/build firm
    • Learn important questions to ask your contractors to avoid costly mistakes
    • Learn what order work should be done in during a kitchen remodel
    • Identify ideal kitchen layouts for smaller and larger kitchens
    • Implement innovative storage solutions for your kitchen
    • Learn how to save money on your countertop and backsplash
    • Learn important guidelines for your backsplash installation
    • Learn the right questions to ask to help select the right appliances for your family

You can learn all of this within 51/2 hours, but the best part is you can do this at your own pace. This is just something to consider, and Udemy is well-known for its affordable online courses. Many people prefer video education over any other method, so now it is up to you if you wish to Learn More.

Backsplash And Match Cabinet Designer

Rated as one of your best free tools for backsplash and match cabinet design, so if this is something that is important for you this might be one you wish to give a try. The graphic is not extremely impressive, but they are good enough to give you a decent idea of what your kitchen would look like.

  • Hundreds of colors
  • Designs
  • Pattern combinations
  • Reliable sources you can purchase from
  • Saving you time & shopping around on your own
  • Convenient pricing comparison before spending any money

If you decide to take a peek at Backsplash, you will be taken to their home page. The online designer is easy to find on their main menu, so you just Click on the Designer tab to get access to the free software. Now you have two free tools to use for your kitchen ideas, and we have more to learn still.

free kitchen planning tools

Specifically Designed For Kitchens

Free kitchen design software is specially developed for your kitchen planning, so this is one that might even tempt you to check out better. You will find this tool is made with planning and shopping for your dream design and is highly recommended for this particular room in your home.

  • 3D kitchen software tool
  • Use online without the need to download it to your computer
  • Shopping list option provided for your convenience
  • The program does suggest merchandise most of us would not maybe think about
  • Start from scratch or use one of the pre-made templates
  • For anyone not naturally tech skilled you might want to pass up this tool, but that is totally up to you

Home Hardware Virtual Planner is a more complicated tool, but someone who has the patience to play around to learn to use this might be a perfect choice. The majority of people who lack technical skills might prefer to pass this one up, but only you can make that decision.

Learn Sketch Up And Layout

Sketch-up and Layout is another affordable online course, so if learning by this method is the easiest for you this might be something you wish to learn more about. Receive two downloadable resources which are worth more than the price you pay, I don’t mean to sound like I am pushing you to enroll. These resources are a very nice benefit you will receive, so now here is what you will learn.

  • Preparing for design
  • Creating Base Cabinets
  • Creating Wall Cabinets
  • Creating an oven cabinet and tall cabinets
  • How to place cabinets
  • Adding countertops
  • Inserting fixtures such as sinks, range, refrigerator, and vent hood
  • How to apply materials
  • Adding a backsplash
  • Rendering your scene with Twilight Render v2
  • How to create and save scenes in SketchUp
  • How to insert your model into Layout
  • How to Dimension your Kitchen in Layout
  • How to create elevations scenes in Layout
  • How to create a cover page and print

You are able to learn all of this in a 21/2 hour video course, and all the courses I share come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. These are really risk-free opportunities, but again I am not in any way meaning to sound as if I am pushing you into enrolling in any of these. Learn More

free kitchen planner tools

Simple To Use 3D Tool

How many of you prefer simple to use 3D home design software tools, you just might have found what you have been looking for? This one is highly recommended as one of the easiest to use for beginners, but let us just see what they have to offer you before you make any decisions.

  • Create your dream home in 2D & 3D
  • A community of over 70 thousand non-professional designers
  • Start by designing in 2D from your floor plans to your furniture
  • Once you are happy with your 2D version switch to 3D to get a better idea of what your kitchen is going to look like
  • Able to edit everything from colors to even your wall decor
  • Resize images to fit perfectly in your design
  • The snapshot feature allows you to save your design in a realistic view
  • Create any room of your home anytime & anywhere
  • Best of all this design software tool is not only free but created for everyday people like you and me
  • Home design made easy in three easy steps

Planner 5D is a very impressive design tool according to their website, so how many of you are possibly going to try out this one? If anyone does try this out, I would love to know what you think of it. Feel free to leave a comment in my comment section at the end of this article, we all would love to know your experience positive or negative.


Don’t confuse this one with our first design tool, you have access to another 3D-free room designer. Another choice you have is their mood board creator, we are going to see if we can find out more about both of these for you. This website does its best to provide you with the Best Freebies and Bargains, and many of the resources are not affiliated with Gizmos Deals.

  • More than 12 thousand products from your favorite merchants
  • The Roomstyler tool allows you to begin designing from scratch
  • Tutorial videos available is another cool feature
  • Save your room designs
  • The Mood Board creator lets you create your own mood boards, and you can save these as well
  • There are regular contests you are able to enter your designs in
  • Exploring the most popular rooms might provide some ideas, so there are some unique things here compared to the others we have learned about in this article.

If Roomstyler interests you to explore, you can visit their website anytime. There are many cool free resources included in Free Kitchen Planning Tools, so enjoy discovering compliments of this website. Now stick around just a little longer, there are still some things I have to share with you.

Kitchen Remodeling Planning Guide

Before you take off, I wanted to provide you with a simple guide to get you started on the right track. For some of you, this might be your very first time, so with this guide, you can have more confidence. It never hurts to have a specific plan, and this will provide you with an easy-to-follow plan.

    • Set up a temporary kitchen in another room of the house.
    • Make sure you have space for preparing small meals.
    • Bring only the essential appliances you need for cooking
    • Use a mini-fridge to store perishables.
    • Stock your pantry with paper plates, plastic silverware, and cups.
    • Keep non-perishables such as peanut butter, crackers, and snack bars handy.
    • Visit free resources such as Pinterest and home improvement websites for inspiration
    • Draw out your basic plan helps many people visualize more effectively
    • Determining your spending budget and sticking to it
    • What are any professionals you possibly might need

Even though this is a very basic plan, you will be on your way to a less stressful remodeling of your new dream kitchen. I am sure some of the things within this guide will make your goal much easier for you, and this concludes this article provided by Gizmos Deals.

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