Music Room Decorating Ideas

Music Room Decorating Ideas is full of inspiration for the music lover, when I lived in a two-story home my extra bedroom was my special room. If you have the space, this guide will inspire you with not only ideas but also freebies.

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music room decorating ideas

Music Room Decorating

Self-Help Guides are what you are going to find in every article on this website, and included in everyone are tons of resources that will help you make your dreams come true. Not to mention free goodies at no cost to you, one day I hope this site will be on the majority of shoppers’ favorites list. The Music Room Decorating by Caroline Orea is full of inspiration, and that is the reason I am sharing this with you.

  • Best New Recording Studios
  • Vintage Display Cards
  • Room Decorating Ideas and Home Decorating Ideas
  • Living in a Musical Studio
  • Music Bedroom Decorations
  • Music Photo Album
  • Build a Soundproof Basement Music Room
  • Browse and Explore The Music Room Decorating

You will find the Music Room Decorating on Pinterest with many more than just this one, you will find this is a good place for inspiration on a wide variety of topics. The majority of your favorite merchants are here as well, so this is a good alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

music room decorating ideas

Music Room Design Guide

Before you can get started creating your dream room, you need to come up with a plan. Thanks to the Extra Space blog post, we have that plan provided by them, now I am going to share what they have published in their blog for you. This will save you so much time, and that is another priority that is important to me to provide you with.

  • Soundproofing
  • Musical Instrument Shield
  • Brick Walls Recommended
  • High-Quality Shelving
  • Room Dividers
  • Adding Cool Lighting
  • Music Equipment that Blends in With your Decor
  • Musical Instrument Wall Art
  • Choose Appropriate Rug Styles
  • Houseplants are a Must
  • Cozy Seating for Your Guests
  • Colorful Eye-Catching Colors
  • Plush Rugs
  • Store Musical Instruments in Closets
  • Decorate for All Age Groups

Extra Space has created a thoughtful plan for us to really think about, now you don’t need to be adding everything that was shared from their blog post. This is a complete guide for creating a music studio, how many of you are really going to need a studio of this type?

music room decorating ideas

Simple Music Room Guide

Remember the websites that I mention can be even more awesome resources than the ones that I share, and even though I mention them to give them the credit they deserve. Mentioning them is another bonus from Gizmos Deals, now we are going to get access to eight simple steps found on the Blisssights blog. Already we have two hidden resources that you can visit on your own time, let us now just see what easy and simple decorating themes they have for us.

  • Barn-Style Music Room
  • The seventies Single Suite
  • Classical Piano Theme
  • Music Studio Style
  • Simple Vintage with Stage
  • Country Cottage Theme
  • 21st Century Style
  • Simple Small Music Room

Has Blisssights really had you thinking of the possibilities of themes you could go with, much of this will depend on your type of music and musical instrument or instruments that you enjoy playing. As for Gizmo, I am the most partial to acoustic guitars and country and folk music. My most recent addition has been my traveling guitar, oh how I love to play this small comfortable-sized acoustic guitar.

music room decorating ideas

Affordable Music Room Ideas

Shopping tips is one of my main priorities for readers like you, and being on a low income the majority of my life stretching the dollar is no stranger to me. Let us come up with some budget-friendly ways to make our new room awesome, and most of these you can find at merchants such as Amazon and Walmart. If you really want to do the research, another good place to consider is eBay as well.

  • Guitar Wall Mounts are space savers and extremely budget-friendly.
  • Wall Posters of your favorite musicians are never in bad taste no matter your theme
  • Displaying your collection of musical instruments on your wall is very appealing to your guests, this also is an awesome way to store them in a decorative manner.
  • Comfy furniture is a must to be able to enjoy playing for hours, so this is really a must-have for any serious musician.
  • Houseplants are one of my favorite ways to decorate my apartment, besides they brighten up your space, and they promote you with health benefits.
  • Good lighting is another must-have for this type of room, how can you play awesome music with poor lighting? You also will love the lighting effects available for cool lighting as well, so this is very important to consider no matter what theme you decide to go with.
  • Laser Lights creates the dream music room for the majority of musicians, and if this applies to you, this is the type of light you will want to shop for.

We really have been exposed to some creative music room possibilities, by now you should be really thinking about all that you have read and what appeals to you the most. What theme or themes are perfect fits for you, we all would love to know by you posting them in my comments section at the end of this article.

music room decorating ideas

Musician Facebook Groups

By any chance do you belong to any music groups on Facebook, we can learn so much by becoming a member of the right one. Taking your time and being selective is the key to choosing the best group for you, even though I am going to get you started with some of the best. You must make the final decision on your own, remember quality is more valuable than quantity when joining these to research.

  • Music Launch Hub
  • Rock Star Collective
  • DIY Touring Group
  • A Promoters Life
  • Everyone Knows Everyone
  • Music Biz Besties
  • Female Indie Musicians
  • Music Industry Career Network Group
  • Songs Alive
  • Browse and Explore Facebook Groups

For anyone not familiar with how to find groups on this website, I have provided you with an article from WikiHow on how to do this. Even though this might not be necessary for me to do, this will be a good guide for anyone who might be new to joining groups on Facebook. Just something I thought might be useful for some of you, now let us go to my next paragraph with even more goodies waiting for you.

music room decorating ideas

Musical Instrument Shopping Guide

Before we go any further, I want to provide you with some merchants recommended by Google for shopping for musical instruments online. So not to be partial to my own favorites, using this search engine seems to be the fair thing for me to do. Many of them might already be places you love to shop, but who knows, you just might find one or two new stores to check out in the near future.

  • Guitar Center
  • Musician’s Friend
  • Sweetwater
  • Mercari
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • eBay
  • Poshmark
  • Mashable
  • Walmart

You will find these are the online stores on the first page, as I am sure you know there are many more pages that you can browse to see if there are any others that are new to you. We are ready to move on to what I have next for you, I do hope you are enjoying reading Music Room Decorating Ideas.

music room decorating ideas

Music Online Merchants

Since there are more than just musical instruments that go along with being a musician, I just did another Google search for music online for you. Let us just see what came up in my search on this topic, so keep reading if this interests you, and if not feel free to skip this paragraph and go on to the next one.

  • Etsy-Golden Mood Goods Shop
  • Fresh Sheet Music
  • Mighty Audio
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Silhouette Design Store
  • Hot Bargain Deals
  • Bonanza
  • Sheet Music Now
  • Virtual Sheet Music

We are seeing some new stores from this search, which means you have even more choices to consider for your shopping online. Doing my best to introduce you to new places to shop is important to me, I have one more search to do for you then we will move on to something completely different.

music room decorating ideas

Music Home Decorating Stores

What are the better home decorating merchants which provide music-related merchandise, so that is my last shopping tip guide in this article that I have for you? Knowing this can give you a unique music room than all your friends, and that is why I included this in this guide.

  • Lime and Lou
  • Amazon
  • Etsy-Pink Pilot Art
  • Etsy-Donkomi
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Music Box Attic
  • Top Trending Us
  • Walmart
  • Elephant Stock
  • Kirkland’s Home
  • Wayfair
  • eBay
  • Zazzle
  • D-Wallart

As popular as both music and home decor are there is more likely more than these, but you have a nice variety of options to consider on this list. How many are brand new to you, I must admit there are a few that are brand new to me? I really am happy that I included these in this guide, time for us to get moving as time is going by extremely quickly.

music room decorating ideas

Music Home Decor Ideas

Let us see what type of home decor for a music room there is available on the market, with this paragraph you will really be getting the icing on the cake. Nothing motivates and inspires us more than browsing merchandise, now whenever you are ready take a peek at what Gizmo found.

  • Custom Album Cover Wall Posters
  • Personalized Song Acrylic Plaques
  • Jim Hendrix Vintage Poster
  • Personalized Glass Art
  • Wooden Signs
  • Music Note Wall Decor
  • Guitar Pick Signs
  • Welcome Music Doormats
  • Music Riffs Metal Wall Signs
  • Famous Musicians’ Home Decor Art

With this very small sample from the website Etsy, you might have a better idea of how you can make your room cooler than your friends. If you notice Gizmo Deals does not link to any of the stores or products in my guides, that would make this resource just like most of the others. The main priority is to be a shopping resource guide instead of being seen as another site pushing their affiliate products at you.

music room decorating ideas


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