Outdoor Summer Camp Games

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Outdoor Summer Camp Games are an important part of the fun for the children, since this is such a popular activity for many families I chose this topic to make your camping vacations even more fun.

outdoor summer camp games

Outdoor Summer Camp Game Guide

Many of the activities parents might have experienced in the outdoors camping might not be as entertaining to their children, now what I have for you in this very first paragraph are more modern choices for kids today. If you are needing some inspiration, you will be wanting to read my entire article.

  • Nature Games
  • Water Games
  • Sports Games
  • Adaptive Games

Gizmos Deals will go into more detail in each of these more modern activities that kids today love to play, this will inspire you to be more creative and provide more fun camping for the entire family. Be sure as parents you join in as well, that is what vacations away from home are all about.

Nature Games

It is only natural to make nature games a big part of your agenda while vacationing, being you are enjoying nature why not incorporate activities that are related? Below I have listed some of the most popular ones families love to play, so these are good ones to consider for your own family as well.

  • Camouflaged Hide n Seek
  • Deer, Deer, Deer
  • Fire Tender
  • Frogs, Insects, and Flowers
  • Judge Nature Says
  • Keep on Tracking
  • Meet a Tree
  • More Nature Camping Games

By visiting the blog post that Gizmo found these nature games, you can learn not only how to play these but even more to consider adding to your agenda while on your family vacation. There are not many more enjoyable family time activities than camping, and this is not only for the children.

outdoor summer camp games

Water Games

What better way to cool off and have fun than playing water games, you will find there is a nice variety of these available to choose from. Let us see some inspirational ideas in my list below, we are going to have a nice selection before you complete reading my self-help guides

  • Water Bomb Tag
  • Water Balloon Toss With a Twist
  • Sponge Toss
  • Water Relay
  • Frozen Feet
  • Pop Goes The Balloon
  • Over-Under Outdoor Game
  • Water Balloon Volley
  • Learn More

Again use the link above to learn more about how to play these games, and choose the ones that interest your family the most. Include your children in creating your agenda while camping, this will be a sure way to enjoy your family time the most. Be sure to include fishing while on your nature vacation, for some Riverbank Fishing Tips I have an article to help you catch more fish.

Sports Games

Kids are naturally physically active, so why not include some sports into the schedule. Keeping your children active outdoors will not only provide them with a great experience but will burn some of their energy to be calmer at bedtime. Here is what I have found for you, so let us keep moving forward with more inspirational ideas.

  • Kids Yoga
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Ball Games
  • Relay Race Ideas
  • Egg on a Spoon Race
  • Hunger Games
  • Browse Sports Games

Now we have a nice selection of sports games, you can find more inspiration by browsing sports games with the link provided above for you. The majority of the links in my articles are for information and to spire you, I just want you to know this is my priority on this website.

outdoor summer camp games

Adaptive Games

Our last category is adaptive games, this might be new to some of you. That is why I included them in this article, providing you with something that is new is another priority Gizmos Deals values. Let us just see what this consists of, you just might find you will want to add these as well.

The camping game lists are short to just give you some ideas of what each category consists of, now the remainder of Outdoor Summer Camp Games is going to be providing your camping guides. If you are new or experienced in this family activity, you will find the rest of my article quite interesting.

Camping Gear Guide

What should you be sure to pack for your family outdoor outing is what this guide is about, even though this is especially useful for first-time campers, more experienced campers might learn something from this as well. This is a good source of information to know, and I really feel this will benefit most of you.

  • Tent or Cabin Rental
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Camping Pillow
  • Headlamps
  • Flashlights with Extra Batteries
  • Camp Chairs
  • Camp Table Optional
  • Lantern with Fuel or Batteries
  • Sleeping Bag Liners Optional
  • Multi-Tool
  • Saw or Axe
  • Camp Stove Optional
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Utensils
  • Can Opener
  • Camping Knife
  • Dishware
  • Mugs and Cups
  • Cutting Board
  • Cooler
  • Ice or Ice Substitutes
  • Water Bottles
  • Camp Grill
  • Grill Rack
  • Griddle
  • Portable Coffee and Tea Maker
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Large Water Containers
  • Binoculars
  • Field Guides
  • Navigation Tools
  • Fishing Equipment

Depending on your situation what you will need from this guide will need to be considered, maybe you are going to rent a cabin instead of needing a tent for an example. My sons and I cooked over an open fire, so cooking stoves are something we never used. What you have on your agenda also will dictate what you need, so customize this to suit your own needs and wants.

outdoor summer camp games

Camping Clothing Guide

What to wear just might surprise many of you reading this, you will want to make it a point to be prepared for all types of weather. Again, I have taken the time to share this with you as well. Knowing what to pack in the way of apparel can result in a positive or negative experience.

  • Moisture Wicking Underwear
  • Moisture Wicking Tee Shirts
  • Long Pants and Shorts
  • Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Shirts
  • Hoodies and Jackets
  • Hiking Shoes or Boots
  • Warm Socks
  • Sleepwear Optional
  • Rain Wear
  • Swim Wear
  • Water Sandals
  • Water Shoes
  • Wide Brim Hat
  • Sunglasses

Are you finding this self-help guide a good resource, that is my intention of this website? Being one of the best sources is my long-term goal, and now let us move on to the next section you really will want to read. This also could be an educational site for consumers just like you, time to move on now to the next paragraph.

Personal Needs Guide

Many of the items here are often overlooked by people, and by me sharing these you will have all your personal needs met without any inconveniences to ruin your vacation. As simple as these are, they really can make your vacation less enjoyable forgetting them.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Towels
  • Medication
  • Female Personal Care
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Insect Repellant
  • Sanitation Towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Brush or Comb

With the following guides, you can be prepared while planning your new family adventure. Be sure to include fishing and swimming, that are what kids share to be their favorite outdoor activities. Now we are going to learn some resources that will be especially helpful to you, and this will conclude my guide for today.

outdoor summer camp games

Camping Resources

You can depend on resources to be included in every article that I write, this is really an important part of this website. What is a good self-help guide without providing you with these, so this is something you can look forward to by visiting Gizmos Deals regularly. For your convenience, a notification sign-up has recently been added. No SPAM mail will ever arrive in your email box, only a notification of my new self-help guide as they are published.

  • The Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project
  • Reserve America
  • Camping Road Trip
  • Go Camping America
  • Weather Bug
  • Backpackers
  • Love the Outdoors
  • Camping Tips
  • Browse Camping Resources

Anyone interested in this outdoor family adventure will be more than happy they read my guide, and another awesome benefit of this is many people often experience losing weight. Being more active naturally improves our bodies to burn more calories, and for weight, loss guide with free printable weight loss charts us the link in this paragraph.

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